It sounds like the COVID-19 vaccine will soon be readily available to even more New Jersey residents.

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"Soon" is definitely the appropriate word as reports that Governor Phil Murphy plans to announce the vaccine's expansion of availability to residents 65 and older at his press conference on Wednesday afternoon. The news comes after a change to the CDC's guidelines regarding who can receive the vaccine and when. The new guidelines also include updates regarding how quickly someone can receive their second dose.

According to, all residents 65 and older will be eligible to receive the vaccine once it's officially announced. Previously, it was mainly available to all those in public service, health care, and to those residing in nursing homes. Since it's been reported that people 65 plus are susceptible to the harsher symptoms that accompany the virus, for many, the news of the expansion is long overdue.

The new guidelines also extend vaccine eligibility to younger residents struggling with various auto immune diseases. Since many of these auto immune diseases leave their ability to fight off the virus with a lot less power and effectiveness, there's no doubt that younger residents will also be lining up for their shots.

A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon from NJ's capitol where Governor Murphy is expected to make the official announcement.

You can find out everything known about the new guidelines for NJ's coronavirus vaccine eligibility HERE.



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