Well, it's the middle of June which means the kids are done with school for the year. Let summer vacation officially commence!

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By the looks of all the comments floating around social media over the last few months, it seems like Jersey locals aren't too keen on their kids sitting at home the whole summer, either. Even if parents aren't pushing their kids into the workforce, there have been several people who've posted in local Facebook groups asking about summer camps and various activities their teens could get involved in.

Believe it or not, you might not have to go too far to give your teen something to do this summer. How about having your teen set a goal to get healthy over summer break? Planet Fitness is allowing teens from ages fourteen through nineteen to enjoy a FREE summer pass to the gym!

How AWESOME is that?

They're calling it the High School Summer Pass. You can challenge your teen to become the BEST version of themselves during their break. I wish they offered this when I was a teenager. I would've been ALL over that! Your teen can go work out FOR FREE, even with a trainer, at your local Planet Fitness from now through August 31st.

Source: PlanetFitness.com

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