I look forward to this every year in beautiful Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island.

Thursday nights the music comes alive, the community comes out, and there's lots of excitement with the sun setting over LBI.

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The Summer Thursday Concerts in Ship Bottom take place at the Waterfront Park located at Tenth Street and Shore Avenue. These concerts are so much fun. Just remember to bring your favorite lawn chair.

monkeybusinessimages, ThinkStock
monkeybusinessimages, ThinkStock

If you've never been to one of these great summer concerts in Ship Bottom it's free. Just imagine a beautiful night, light winds on a summer Jersey Shore night, and some great music.

Throughout Ocean County, several towns have a Summer Concert Series. Sit back and relax and enjoy the night with your family and friends.

My favorite concert series on LBI is this one on Thursday nights in Ship Bottom, but there are several summer concerts on LBI that are fun, also. Fire Pit Fridays with live music are just one of the concert series I've heard about. There are several summer concerts on LBI, click here for more information on all the fun this summer.

LBI is a great family vacation spot with a lot of locals and vacationers from all over the east coast coming to this great place for memories, an awesome water park, a great ride pier, and some great music.

Bring your lawn chairs, maybe a snack, sit back, and listen to the great music with these nine concerts, you can't miss. Click here for more information about Ship Bottom.

Check out the remaining dates and catch one of these fun concerts.

2022 Summer Concert Schedule for Ship Bottom, NJ LBI

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