Even six feet apart, you won't be able to take a stroll down the Ocean City boardwalk or beach.

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The beach and boardwalk have been officially closed by Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian due to fears of coronavirus continuing to spread, reports Press of Atlantic City.

In a letter posted to Ocean City's official website, Gillian said:

Even with all the directives already in place, it’s clear that not everybody is taking the order to shelter in place seriously. With the weather getting warmer, it will only get worse. I fully understand the impact that this will have on Ocean City, but I will always err on the side of caution.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has so far chosen not to take a similar measure, the city's council president reportedly calling a beach/boardwalk closing the 'Dumbest thing I ever heard.'

It is unfortunate that, even though recommendations are to get fresh air when we can, we can't walk along the water in Ocean City. It's good for the soul, but it's for the best that we continue to social distance as MUCH as we can right now, for the greater good. I applaud Mayor Gillian for taking that stance. The longer we hold out, the longer we'll have to distance for. Be well, everyone.

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