Among the many cool factors that make New Jersey great, is the level of diversity that exists within the Garden State.

For many of us, we take that for granted. We're so used to being exposed to different cultures and backgrounds that we sometimes forget how different it is in other states within our own country. Not every state gets to enjoy the diversity that New Jersey residents get to experience every day.

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New Jersey is basically a giant melting pot. People with backgrounds from all over the world currently call the Garden State home. It's pretty awesome when you think about it. As a result of all the immigrants that chose to settle down in New Jersey, sometimes we get to see what it's like to exist within another culture that's uniquely different from our own. Not everybody has that privilege in America.

Being exposed to all different cultures and ways of life not only broadens one's mind but also instills empathy within one's soul. In short, it makes you a better person. Experiencing different ways of life essentially puts you one step closer to understanding what it's like to, as they say, "walk a mile in another's shoes."

It probably won't come as a shock to hear that New Jersey has the second-highest number of foreign-born residents within the entire United States. A new study shows that almost 23% of NJ's population is made up of immigrants. That's almost a quarter of the state's entire population.

Diversity is a thing to be celebrated. New Jersey's got plenty of it! Check out the survey for yourself HERE.


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