Friday night's state playoff game at Pleasantville High School was met with disaster after multiple shots were fired in the stands resulting in three spectators being hit. One of those who were wounded was a ten-year-old boy. The little boy named Micah remains in critical condition. Multiple arrests have been made.

The Pleasantville Police Department is now making a plea to the public and the media as a result of the tragic event. The police department took to Facebook earlier today asking for the media's cooperation in not approaching students during this time.

The statement from the Pleasantville Police Departments reads as follows:

News media: Please refrain from approaching our students today. Our kids have cried enough and had quite enough crisis for a lifetime, let alone a weekend. The Police Department, City of Pleasantville, and School District officials have been more than willing to talk. There's no need to interview a frightened 12 year old on their way to school. Pleasantville will get through this, please help us by allowing our kids to begin to heal, not followed to school by news vans and cameras.

Officials have agreed to speak to media regarding Friday night's shooting.

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