Be careful the next time you dive into the pool or lake this summer, you could be subjecting yourself to a nasty bacteria that causes weeks long diarrhea. The CDC has released a public warning in 41 states about the dangers of a bacteria called cryptosporidium or crypto. These 41 states have seen a rise in the bacteria in public pools and lakes.

New Jersey has had 664 cases between 2011-2017. Over the past few years, there have been triple the amount of cases of crypto in the state. In 2011 there were only 56, 2015 had 86, in 2016 there were 198, and in 2017 there were 135 cases. This sharp rise has the CDC and the N.J. Department of Health concerned.

In an article from, "When the poop of humans and animals infected with the parasite gets in the water — even chlorinated water, where it can survive for up to seven day — others can become sick if they swallow the contaminated water, the CDC said." The CDC went on to say, "...35 percent of outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis were linked to treated swimming pools and water playgrounds..."

The parasite causes terrible diarrhea, being described as profuse, watery, and explosive. This can last up to 3 weeks. The most common way to contract crypto is by swallowing contaminated water. The symptoms include stomach cramps, fever, vomiting, and of course diarrhea. Crypto is very rarely fatal.

One of the biggest issues the health department faces with this parasite is that it is extremely difficult to kill. It can survive for days on surfaces that have been cleaned with bleach and in chlorinated water.

Health officials are urging people who have suffered with diarrhea to stay out of pools and takes for at least two weeks after the diarrhea subsides.

Source: Patch

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