And the changes throughout society continue...and this next one is big for us coffee drinkers.

Starbucks recently made a slew of announcements. Let's dive in and take a look...

The first is that Starbucks announced that the coffee chain will be closing various locations across the United States and Canada for two weeks. Locations closed this past Friday, March 20th.

The second is that any Starbucks near a hospital or healthcare center will remain open for the healthcare professionals, first responders and other professionals helping us to get through this crisis. (Lattes are totally essential) 

And the third -- but not the final -- part of this announcement is that the Starbucks locations that will remain open are only offering drive-thru services and delivery orders to help practice social distancing.  You can order your Starbucks order HERE or HERE(I'll take a venti Mocha cappuccino please) 

And yes...there is still more.

According to, the fourth part of the announcement is that Starbucks  will be offering "catastrophe pay for 30 days to employees who choose to stay home, have been diagnosed with coronavirus disease, expose to the virus, are are at high risk."  

“If you feel you’re taking a risk by coming to work or fear carrying the virus, please stay home,” said Rossann Williams, executive vice president of Starbucks, in a letter to employees. “We will help you manage through your time off. As we have said several times since the beginning of this crisis, no Starbucks partner needs to choose between their health and coming to work. Any partner serving in our stores that remain open are there because they want to be there to serve our community at this time.”

At this point, the Coronavirus has basically affected every aspect of our lives.

The best thing we can do is to roll with the punches, stay home, practice social distancing and washing our hands as often as possible.

And just remember...lattes or not, we will get through this together.

For details on the announcements made by Starbucks, check out the original article at

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