There are many crucial issues to argue over in society today. Things that really impact people’s lives and future. What you call a slice of some sort of pork product is not one of them.

If I am north of a certain point in New Jersey looking for a breakfast sandwich and I see that one is made with Taylor ham I asked the server for Taylor ham. If I’m in another part of New Jersey and I’m looking for the same breakfast sandwich and it’s listed on the menu as pork roll I will ask for the pork roll sandwich.

Same goes for when I’m ordering a sandwich on a long roll with cold cuts and vegetables. I know that north of Trenton they call it a sub. I also know that south of Trenton they call it a hoagie.

I also know that in the Midwest if I want a soda the server will understand me better if I call it pop.

According to the movie pulp fiction, in France they call a quarter pounder a Royale with cheese. I’m sure the French or not going back-and-forth over what to call this.

Apparently, back in the day a couple of different companies made a similar pork product. One of the original manufactures was the Taylor company. There was another company called Case. I buy a product called Taylor pork roll at the supermarket. I only started using the product a few years ago. Growing up — yes, here in New Jersey — I never heard of the debate and rarely ate the product. It wasn’t on any menus in diners and restaurants near me.

I never even heard of the debate until a few years ago. If you order a Coke or a cola soda you'll get the same thing in your glass. There are enough things to argue about in this world. This slice of meat certainly isn’t one of them. It’s annoying!

To sum this all up, when we were being annoying at the dinner table, my mother always used to say shut up and eat!

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