Are you ready to ring in 2020? There are two types of people in the world, those who go to a bar on New Year's Eve and those who enjoy a night at home. I am definitely one of those who rather stay at home or go to a friend's house. If you are like me, you might feel like sprucing up your at-home celebration with a few party supplies. To me a few means way too many because I have zero self-control.

I tried my best at exercising self-control by limiting myself to only 7. Did I cheat and find variety packs? Well yes, but that's not cheating it's just bending the rules to my favor.

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  • 1

    Glitter Plastic Champagne Flutes

    I know we are supposed to be using reusable plastic, but these are too pretty to pass up on.

  • 2

    2020 NYE Temporary Tattoos

    Are these a little over the top? Yup, but that's why I love them. They can help jazz up the sweatpants and t-shirt you might be wearing.

  • 4

    Hats and Noise Makers

    No at-home NYE party would be complete without those traditional cardboard top hats. Plus, who else doesn’t like waking those neighbors that were in bed by 10:30 by going outside with a few noise makers?

  • 3

    Photo Booth Set

    Capture the best memories at your party with a photo booth kit.

  • 5


    It’s a pain in the butt to go out and buy decorations, but this kit has everything you’ll need to spruce up your party.

  • 6


    Now that you have your cardboard top hats and tiaras you need the plastic fake glasses to go with it.

  • 7

    Party Game

    You’ve got a lot of time to kill from when your guests arrive until the ball drop, so you better have some games handy. Did I choose this one because I’m a fan of The Office? Yup.

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