Taco Bell has announced that it will celebrating Taco Tuesday by giving away free Doritos Loco tacos on Tuesday, March 31st. There is no purchase necessary but it is only available through the drive-thru.

According to People.com, the CEO of Taco Bell, Mark King said, “we’re giving America free tacos as a small way of saying thank you for how everyone is showing up for their communities.” Taco Bell also announced that, through the Taco Bell Foundation, they will be donating $1 million to No Kid Hungry; customers will also have the option of rounding up their purchase to the nearest dollar with the difference going to the charity.

They are also in the process of making their food trucks available to front-line workers who can’t make it through a drive thru (like ambulances). The free Doritos Locos Taco promotion is Tuesday, while supplies last.

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