This is an epic "In Case You Missed It" moment for South Jersey residents today. It's been a few years since Taylor Swift debuted her video for her version of her song "Best Day Ever" originally released on her Fearless album.

If you're not too familiar with the T. Swift drama from the past few years, here's the 4-1-1 about what's gone down between Taylor Swift and her former label. To make an extremely long and, quite frankly, confusingly complicated story short: Taylor Swift left Big Machine Label Group after signing with Universal Music Group. The deal with Universal would give her a chance to see some kickback from streaming profits from places like Spotify, as well as grant her the ownership of her own music going forward.

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If you're asking yourself whether she owns her own music from previous years, the answer is no. Most artists don't own their masters outright. In fact, that's what I believe sealed the deal in Taylor jumping ship. Once Taylor had become a member of Universal, the original owner of Big Machine sold the label to someone Taylor Swift isn't exactly a fan of. His name is Scooter Braun and he manages some pretty famous singers.

After many claims back and forth including some that said her old label wouldn't even let her perform her old music, she was finally able to record a new version of her Fearless album, one of the most beloved from her early days. Cue Fearless: Taylor's Version.

You may be asking yourself if she's not allowed to do anything with her old stuff, how was she able to pull this off?

She re-recorded all of these songs as covers of the originals.

At this point, she's released a bunch of music videos to accompany these new versions released on the new album, with one of them being the one for her song "The Best Day". It's in that one that South Jersey makes an appearance. The lyric video for the song features multiple snippets of home video recorded over the course of Taylor's life, one of them being on the beach in Sea Isle City! Some people think it's actually Stone Harbor since her family used to own a house there for a few years. Honestly, it could be either one. It doesn't really matter. All that matters is that she showed South Jersey some love!

For those of you that aren't aware of any details regarding her childhood, Taylor Swift grew up around Reading, Pennsylvania. She grew up spending her summers on the beaches of Cape May County, so it's not too surprising to learn that South Jersey holds some of her most cherished memories.

Check out Sea Isle's cameo in "The Best Day" below. Spoiler alert: peep her sweatshirt.

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