Funny how time flies. June 2 marked the 53rd anniversary of the release of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was also just the 50th anniversary of Let it Be last month. Despite it being the last release it was actually Abbey Road that was their final album. Beatles historian Denny Somach came on my show to talk about it.

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"The Beatles were supposed to make a record, they decided let's film it and see what happens," Somach said when he called in. "The problem is they were actually watching each other and it was looking like they were getting ready to break up, it finally got done. It was originally called "Get Back" then "Let it Be" then they stopped everything, then said "Lets go back into the studio and do an album like we used to and they did Abbey Road."

Somach, who's latest book "A Walk Down Abbey Road" is filled with Beatles anecdotes talked about the Isley Brothers reaction to the band who would take their "Twist And Shout" to another level.

"A lot of people got nervous when the Beatles came out thinking their career was over," Somach said. "But Ron Isley told me we didn't worry because The Beatles were doing our songs plus we had a great guitar player, Jimi Hendrix."

Hendrix was actually in the Isley Brothers for 6 months including the beginning of 64.

"We didn't worry because we had great songs and a great guitar player Jimi."

In fact, it was Hendrix who sat in the middle of the couch between Ron and Ernie Isley watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. then came the "Hard Days Night" movie.

"When the Beatles arrived in Atlantic City they were whisked upstairs to a private room and a guy came in and set up a 16mm projector and proceeded to show the Beatles, for the first time a final cut of A Hard's Days Night...they traveled to Philly in a fish truck."

You can't get this stuff anywhere else.

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