While it might not be the healthiest option, I love to indulge in some delicious boardwalk foods from some of the most iconic places along the Jersey Shore.

We're talking about the good stuff here, pizza, curly fries, sausage and peppers, homemade ice cream, and so much more!

NJ.com just ranked the top 40 places where you can get some of the best boardwalk food up and down the Jersey Shore and the number one spot happens to be right here in South Jersey!

Here's who made the top 20 list for boardwalk food in South Jersey for the summer of 2019.

#18: Bashful Banana, Ocean City - Banana whip whole grain waffle

#15: Brown's, Ocean City - Donuts

#14: Capt'n Jack's, Wildwood - Filet mingon sandwich

#13: Seafood Shack, Atlantic City - Golden fried shrimp

#12: Kohr Bros, Ocean City, Wildwood - Soft serve

#11: Famous Crabcakes, Ocean City - Crab cake sandwich

#10:  Jake's Steaks, Wildwood - Roast pork sandwich

#8:  Crucnchik'n, Ocean City -  Bulgogi cheesesteak

#7:   Lime Ricky World Wildwood - Lime ricky

#5:   Bill's Gyro & Souvlaki, Atlantic City - Greek salad

#4:   K-pop! Ocean City - Pork dumplings       

#1:   Snowberg, Ocean City - Korean shaved ice

Source: nj.com


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