When it comes to exports, one thing New Jersey ranks high amount others states is population. We actually have the third most outbound moves in the nation according to the North American Van Lines 2022 Migration Moving Report.

Why would anyone want to leave New Jersey? He said sarcastically. According to the report "for the most part, to escape high-cost-of-living areas to more reasonably priced and warmer communities." Those would be great reasons for moving away.

But what if you really love New Jersey but just can't afford to stay here? With the way this state is run, it's harder each day to live in and even harder to retire in. You would want to find a place that's as close to the way we live with people who are as close to our wavelength as possible. A warmer climate would also be welcome. perhaps a place where many new Jersians have moved to or taken over. With that in mind I asked.

"What's the most "Jersey-like" state to move to? So if you're looking to get out of New Jersey but don't want to lose that "Jersey" attitude check out these places:


Suzy Rose Yengo:
Delaware or Florida


Joey Novick

attachment-New York

Richard Rutenberg
New York: New York and New Jersey share a lot of cultural and historical ties. They both have similar accents and an appreciation for good pizza and bagels. Also, many people commute between New York City and New Jersey daily, so the two states are quite interconnected.


Pennsylvania: Like New Jersey, Pennsylvania is a state with a rich history, including the American Revolution and the birth of the United States. Both states have large metropolitan areas as well as rural regions, and they share a love of sports and outdoor recreation.


Maryland: Maryland has a diverse population, including a significant African American community, and is known for its seafood, particularly crab. Like New Jersey, it has a mix of urban and rural areas and is home to many historic sites.


Massachusetts: Massachusetts shares some similarities with New Jersey in terms of its intellectual and academic culture, with many prestigious universities located in the state. It also has a rich history and a thriving arts and culture scene.


Teddy Maturo
Virginia. I lived in Va. Beach for two years, lots of things similar to Jersey Shore.

attachment-Charlotte, NC

Dorie Dowling Rickard
Charlotte NC

attachment-Phoenix, Az

Dan Traynor
Phoenix Az

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