Nobody knew whether or not fans were going to get to see any sport play a 2020 season. Luckily, sports enthusiasts will at least get to watch some baseball this summer, if nothing else.

It was-touch-and-go there for a while as the fate of the MLB's 2020 season hung in the balance as negotiations took place between the organization's big wigs and the association that represents the players themselves. Nothing was getting resolved.

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Some sort of agreement has been reaches since it's been announced that the Phillies will be back this season with opening day scheduled for July 24th! The news broke last night (6/23) that the league will reportedly play 60 games spanning slightly over two months. According to the information released so far, it seems that the season should technically wrap in September.

Fans, of course, will not be able to attend games this season. That's the most obvious downside to the deal, but hey, watching them on TV is something, right? Better than nothing, for sure.

The Phils' are back, ya'll!


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