Well, it's upon us once again.

The holiday that kids most look forward to besides Halloween is going down this weekend. No, we're not talking about Christmas. It's Easter weekend, so the kids are beyond excited.

It may not be as exciting as a visit from good ole' Saint Nick, but at least they get some goodies and candy out of it.

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The kids look forward to Easter for that reason and, most likely, that reason alone. Sorry, parents. We know there's probably still PLENTY of Halloween candy left over. If parents are smart, they stocked up on all the candy sales on November 1st. It doesn't hurt to help out the Easter Bunny a bit, you know? Maybe, give him a little bit of a head start.

So, it's the second biggest candy-filled weekend of the year. Are there some candy items that should NEVER be purchased? Some you can only purchase this time of year like Peeps and the Reeses Cup Eggs. Which Easter-themed candy do people dislike the most?

A survey asked that exact question and, to my complete surprise, Peeps did NOT receive the overwhelming majority of the votes. Wild, right? Personally, I hate Peeps. If you're a fan, don't judge. To each their own.

Kids LOVE receiving the new Easter staples like the Sour Patch Bunnies and Kinder Joys. Candystore.com's survey did say, though, that even though the Easter Bunny loves him some eggs, he can save all of the Cadbury Creme Eggs for himself. The hard chocolate Cadbury Eggs are fine. Kids still love those, apparently. It's the creme-filled aspect they're not the biggest fans of.

Do your kids love the Cadbury Creme Eggs? Message us on the Cat Country 107.3 app to let us know!

Source: Candystore.com

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