Once in a while a car gets your attention. Once in a greater while, a car grabs you buy your sissy throat, slams your head against a curb and outright demands it!

Forgive the picture quality here but I just had to share this and snapping these before the light turned red was a challenge. This driver clearly not only loves pit bulls, they seem to shame your dog if it is any other breed.

Jeff Deminski photo

I especially am impressed with the image of a pit bull so tough that it has shattered the very glass containing it and is eyeing you up as if to say you're next.

One sticker was not enough. He'll leave that for you labradoodle loving snowflakes or you poodle pandering puffballs. Place your singular I Heart My Cockapoo sticker where the sun don't shine. Meanwhile this guy is a rolling billboard to all things testosterone.

Jeff Deminski photo

This should have been paid homage to by the old Bud Light commercials; here's to you Mr. If it ain't pit, it ain't $#!*.

I only know two things. One, it's a shame this car didn't have room for Truck Nutz. Two, don't fight with this guy for a parking space. Ever.