A park in Ocean County was just named the most beautiful place in New Jersey!

And I have to agree not only is it beautiful, it's pretty spectacular. I only wish I lived closer!

The gem I'm referring to is Island Beach State Park.

I've only been lucky enough to visit ONCE, and I wondered, 'Am I going to a beach or am I going to a park?' Well, it's both. It's a New Jersey State PARK that is also a beach.

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Cosmopolitan Magazine named the 50 Most Beautiful Places in All 50 States. For New Jersey, they shined the spotlight on Island Beach State Park.

Here's what Cosmo has to say about IBSP:

'New Jersey's Island Beach State Park, which spans nearly 10 miles of the Barnegat Peninsula, is a popular place for ocean swimming and surf fishing. And with its maritime forests, tidal marshes, and rolling sand dunes, the undeveloped barrier beach provides an incredible backdrop for these and other recreational activities.'

I got introduced to IBSP by a friend who's made it her beach of choice at the Jersey Shore. I mean, LOOK at this place!

Chelsea Masterson
Chelsea Masterson

We both agree Island Beach State Park is sprawling but somehow feels secluded, no matter how busy it is. There are no boardwalks or amusement piers nearby, and that only adds to the park's charm. Island Beach State Park almost makes you forget you're in Jersey, lol. It gives off 'detached from the rest of the world' kind of vibes.

Back in 2016, House Beautiful Magazine also listed Island Beach State Park as the most beautiful spot in New Jersey.

Two esteemed publications and MY seal of endorsement carries some weight, yes? Lol. Island Beach State Park is 100 percent worth the drive to south end of Seaside Park to get to it. Oh, and did I mention there's a beach bar? BONUS!

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