My travels have taken me to Ocean City a lot lately. We all know it's a great place to either walk the boards or grab something to eat, or just relax and enjoy the sights and sounds.

The other day I saw a young couple, perhaps both in their early 20s, on the beach and I caught them sharing their love for one another -- and, as a local, I got angry.

From the boardwalk, I watched them walk past a "Please Stay off the Dunes" sign, hop over the fence, and walk right up the dunes.

And not to maybe just get around something truly terrifying (like a baby rabbit or a seagull) that was blocking them -- they proceeded to walk up the dunes and then across them to get to a peak.

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I'm sure the view was spectacular and it was all romantic and stuff and you got to hold hands with the setting sun behind you and blah blah blah, but get off of the damn dunes!

Didn't you see the sign? It's not even a mean sign -- it says please!

Dune walkers in Ocean City, NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Dune walkers in Ocean City, NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

The dunes aren't your little personal love mountain. Get off of the damn dunes!

Listen: if you find yourself on a giant pile of sand at the beach that is strategically located between the ocean and the boardwalk and you're the only person there (minus the other shoobies), look over at the thousands of people on the boardwalk who are not on the dunes and go over there like the rest of us.

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