Kids are known to be picky eaters. No doubt, you were no exception.

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Whether your issue was a texture thing or you just didn't like the taste of most foods, chances are you certainly weren't as open minded to trying new things as you are now. For me, I couldn't stand too many green vegetables. I ate them when forced (bribed), but anything super leafy definitely would not have made my list of top ten favorite foods. I'd be lying if I said there were other things I wanted no part in experiencing when I was young, but for the most part, greens were what I said "no" to most often.

It's not just taste that makes kids gag. Some children, adults as well, can't stand certain textures of food. The way a certain food feels in one's mouth can put them off to it, sometimes forever. That's the case with a lot of breakfast foods and meats. Some kids complain about the "slimey" texture foods have.

A new survey conducted by has determined the top ten foods people couldn't stand as kids but now love as grown-ups.


Ten Foods You Hated As A Kid You Now Love

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