When's the last time you headed out to explore all of the parts of South Jersey left to the wild?

We all know South Jersey has a lot of cool and creepy places that have basically been left to the elements. How often do you actually get the urge to go seek them out? Drone footage uploaded to Youtube lets you explore some of these locations right from the comfort of your living room... or bedroom... or wherever you're currently viewing this from.

We've seen the videos of various people or groups exploring places like the pine barrens, old lighthouses, etc. This video takes you along for an adventure while the drone explores abandoned railroad bridges along the Cape May Canal, old cities and towns like Mauricetown, the Harbor Defense Battery #223 along the Delaware River, and even a wrecked fishing boat called the Hazel Moore near the East Point Lighthouse.

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The footage is so good that, paired with the music behind it, you may even feel some tears welling up in response to the experience. My personal favorites were the multiple aerial shots that the drone captured of what's left of the New Jersey Silica Sand Mine. I love exploring South Jersey's many blue holes, so go figure.

Not that I'm attempting to discourage you from getting out and experiencing all these sights for yourself, but you have to admit, it's nice not having to spend the money on gas to venture out there. Obviously, if the adventure bug bites upon viewing the clips, by all means, go for it. At the very least, your itinerary has been completed for you.

You can check out even more abandoned locations in South Jersey by exploring the Youtube channel HERE.

Source: Youtube

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