How can people stoop this low?

Local Facebooks can be a helpful resource.  People look to them for recommendations about businesses, to discuss neighborhood happenings, and to gather as a community.

However, some people are taking advantage of this.  And the latest way they're scamming people is absolutely gross.

As I scrolled Facebook this week, I noticed a seemingly innocent post about a t-shirt for sale.

Colorful collection of t-shirts on wooden background
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The poster claimed that his Autistic son came up with a design for the town of Brick.  But, people soon figured out this was just a ruse, and there was no shirt.  Others mentioned this is happening in local Facebook groups across the country,

The posts seem to have been deleted, thankfully, but I am still appalled by the situation.

Number one, to go after people's money, especially your fellow community members is disgusting.

But what's even worse is making a disability the basis of the storyline to scam others.  I don't know if the person who posted these things actually has a child with Autism or even a child for that matter, but either way, it's gross.

I know so many people who have been affected by Autism, and to use this or any disability to try and rip people off is unthinkable.

Whoever is out there scamming people with this fake story, shame on you.  Not only are you hurting the people who you're trying to steal money from, but you're also hurting an innocent community who dealing with a disability.

Be on the lookout for these fake posts, and if you see any, report them.

And to all the genuine people in these groups who try to make the shore a better place, thank you.

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