You can't scam and cheat customers. When you do, there are consequences. Sometimes, serious consequences. That's what one Wildwood proprietor just found out.

Perhaps you've seen a basketball challenge or quarterback challenge on the Wildwood Boardwalk last time you visited. Maybe you even played along. Chances are you lost, though.

And that may have been no coincidence. One operator of two such games has just been banned for 10 years from holding Amusement Games Licenses. The operator in question, Christine Strothers, also received a $15,500 fine for failing to comply with the Amusement Games Licensing Law and accompanying regulations, according to a final report issued by the New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety.

This game ended up being beyond shady, and totally jipped players. You've heard of the New England Patriot's 'deflate-gate'? I'm calling this scam 'INFLATE-gate'.

Last summer, investigators for the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission 'inspected each game and found several basketballs used for the basketball games inflated to more than the manufacturer’s specifications, some by almost three times the recommended pounds per square inch (“PSI”) of air.'

When balls are inflated, according to the Commission, it can unfairly affect a player’s chances of winning.

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Strothers also violated state prize rules. One of her games had large plush animals displayed that were not able to be won and didn’t show any prizes that COULD be won.

In a separate incident, an undercover investigator was not immediately offered change for paying $20 for the $10 quarterback challenge, as required by N.J.A.C.

So, see! Maybe your dunking and throwing skills aren't as bad as you thought!

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