It may sound like a broken record at this point, but people wouldn't complain about it weren't happening as often as it does. People, PLEASE leash your dog!

That has been the sentiments on a few posts within a local Facebook group geared to the people of Brigantine Beach in Atlantic County. Apparently, the top three issues in the town are sprinklers spritzing people as they're walking their dogs, people not picking up after their dogs (ya know... the poo), and people allowing their dogs to roam free without a leash. LOOK:


Now, how often is this actually happening? That, we'll never know. What we do know is that some of the comments left underneath the post (not the ones shown above) make the person complaining look like nothing short of a Karen.

Still, you have to be honest about the situation. This person certainly makes a good point. If there are more than a few instances per week of unleashed dogs running up to dogs that are on one and currently on a walk with their handlers, that could lead to disaster. The situation could turn into a scrap match or something even worse.

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Regarding the issue with the sprinklers, is that really that big of a deal? Let's get serious for a second. It's only getting hotter here at the Jersey Shore. Guaranteed, there are some people out there that enjoy a little spritz while out for a walk in the hot summer sun.

Bottom line: make sure your dogs are leashed WHEREVER you are along the Jersey coastline this summer. But, don't sweat the other stuff.

Source: Facebook

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