Vineland's own Miguel and Illiana Figueroa started a YouTube channel where they post videos supporting children and parents living with autism.

Miguel tells that back in 2017, his daughter Illiana, who herself is autistic, didn't think she had what it takes to become a YouTuber, and start their channel "Toy Quest 101" because of her special abilities.

Now 15 years old, Iliana says, "At first, I thought I was scared because I have autism. And then when I did the first video with my dad, now I was getting used to it and being happy with him."

But after setting up a super cool superhero-themed backdrop, the daddy-daughter duo began making videos where they unbox and review new toys, raise awareness about autism, foster a culture of acceptance for families living with autism, and show viewers there's no limit to what they can accomplish.

Dad Miguel Figueroa tells 6abc, "Hopefully, they see what she's doing and say, man, I could do that, too."

Miguel and Illiana have even scored some pretty high-profile interviews, like the one they posted talking to the writers of X-Men: The Animated Series and WWE star Sonya Deville.

I find Miguel and Illiana to be true inspirations. The fact that Miguel encouraged Illiana to go out of her comfort zone and not let her autism define her or hold her back from chasing her passion is awesome. It reminds me of my own dad, and how he fostered my love for music and radio. He never squawked at me for taking those things seriously, even as a kid. With over 115,000 subscribers and receiving national attention, I can't wait to see what The Figueroas do next.

SOURCES:; Toy Quest 101/YouTube

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