New Jersey residents who donate money to charity are more likely to dig deeper into their pockets than other Americans. But when it comes to donating their time, not so much, according to a survey by personal finance website WalletHub.

New Jersey ranked 29th in the bottom half of the survey.

Analyst Jill Gonzalez said that when it comes to volunteering and service hours, that's where the Garden State could be doing better. The volunteer rate in the Garden State is relatively low, ranking at 38th, which is something seen often in the Northeastern states, the survey finds.

In New Jersey, volunteers clock an average of under 10 hours per month. Other states, in some cases, triple that number.

But New Jersey did a little bit better when it comes to charitable giving in terms of income, especially the share of income donated and the share of the population donating money. Gonzalez said people in New Jersey may not have the time to volunteer, but they donate more money.

Pennsylvania and New York ranked 6th and 19th on the list, respectively.

The most charitable state is Minnesota. Utah came in second followed by Maryland, Oregon and Ohio. Arizona is the least charitable state followed by New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana and Nevada.

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