The sunflower game is strong in New Jersey. More and more farms are adding fields of sunflowers for visitors to walk through, take photos in, and pick. This newly blooming fall activity is perfect for the Instagram models and nature admirers alike. Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge has started their Sunflower Festival.

The farm is home to their spring Tulip Festival, which consists of millions of gorgeous tulips. Now that fall has arrived their fields are filled with towering sunflowers. The tallest flowers reaching around 6 feet tall.

While their spring festival features only tulips, the fall festival also has other fall flowers. You can walk the fields and pick your own bouquet, having the other flowers gives you a perfect variety for a fall-themed bouquet.

The festival began on September 21st and runs until October 27th. It is open 7 days a week from 9 AM-6 PM daily.

Tickets range from $6-$12, kids under three are free.

In addition to the millions of flowers, the festival includes food trucks, gift shop, carriage rides, pony rides, face painting, crafters, and a bakery.

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