It was a crazy day at the Grassy Sound Marina as a 25 - 30 foot humpback whale washed ashore and lodged itself in the deck of the marina.

The sight certainly attracted sightseers to the area, as officials pondered the best way to get rid of the carcass. (Most  probably, it'll be towed well out to sea and blown up, or cut up and buried deep in the sand.)

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Oh, did we mention the smell? Yeah, the smell of a rotting whale carcass is not something that will be bottled up and sold as a perfume.

Watching the event unfold on social media proved very entertaining, as comments from people went from weird to funny.

Courtesy of Grassy Sound Marina
Courtesy of Grassy Sound Marina

Here are some of the more unique comments I've seen on various Facebook pages (followed by my own comments). Enjoy!

"Every restaurant will be having whale specials this week!" (Let's hope so! Sweet and Sour Whale is my fave!)

"Thanks Biden!"  That was followed by, "How the hell is this political? Do u want to make it racial as well?! It’s a mammal …has nothing to do with politics." (Um, I think they were joking!)

"Trumps Fault!" (Touche!)

"OMG! It's dead?" (Wait! Maybe not! Did anyone check? Maybe it's just sleeping! Whales have been known to hibernate, just like bears.)

"Is that a whale?" (Did anyone check its ID?)

"There's whales in the Jersey Ocean?" (Yeah, the Jersey Ocean....)

"So sad. I hope they get rescued." (Rescued from what exactly?)

"Omg! Is it stuck there or dead?" (Well.....)

"I bet it had a plastic straw or plastic bag caught in its mouth." (Welcome to New Jersey!)

"Sad. So many dead or beached whales, dolphins, sea turtles and more...all over the world. Something fishy going on." (Suggestion: Google the term "Circle of Life.")

Someone also posted a recipe for Whale Stew that included 100,000 pounds of onion, 250,000 pounds of carrots, and 300,000 pounds of potatoes. After bringing it all to a boil, let it simmers for two weeks.

Seriously, though, a big shout out to marine officials and the Marine Mammal Stranding Center for their efforts.

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