The official "slogan" for the state is "Liberty and Prosperity" is on the state flag way back when both were possible here. That has long since faded away except for the political elite with connections. The rest of us struggle to realize either of those. The state advertising slogan is another story.

Las Vegas just changed theirs to better reflect the times we live in. It was "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas", but with social media and the public's insatiable appetite for attention, that no longer makes sense. Mere minutes after some crazed tourist does a jello shot off some stripper's navel, it's broadcast to the world on his multiple social media accounts.

So what is New Jersey's ad slogan. New Jersey and You Perfect together worked for a while from the 80's on. Then it got changed to something forgettable and then Chris Christie officially changed it again in 2017 to "Garden State". Ok, that should get the tourists flocking here to pick tomatoes, but probably not. Our state slogan should reflect the attitude of the people and the state. So, we asked our listeners for some fresh and not-so-fresh ideas.

  • New Jersey, no wall, Come and get it.
  • Welcome to New Jersey. Now bend over.
  • New Jersey: If the jughandles don't kill you, the taxes will.
  • New Jersey: If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.
  • Welcome to New Jersey, a$$hole.
  • It's Jersey, you got a problem with that?
  • New Jersey ... recalculating.
  • New Jersey: It's free to get in, but you have to pay to get out!
  • Welcome to New Jersey ... WHATAYOU LOOKIN' AT?
  • New Jersey: Don't worry, we hate you too!
  • eNJoy NJ (the most clever one).

But the most accurate one came inadvertently from our current governor: "If you’re a one-issue voter, and tax rate is your issue ... we’re probably not your state."

You win 'Givernor' Murphy!

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