Recently a question was posed on the New Jersey subreddit “What is the NJ version of winning the Powerball?

Basically, what NJ experiences just can’t be beat?

The original poster said their answer happened to them that day when there was no line getting on 287 from Route 24. These experiences may be nonsensical to outsiders, but New Jerseyans know they can be the highlight of your day.

So what do we consider lottery-winning-adjacent in the Garden State? Here’s what your fellow New Jerseyans had to say:

A free parking spot at the shore - U/JoshGhost2020

You already know it’s going to be a good day if you’re going to spend it hearing the waves crashing on the sand, so to start it off by finding an A+ parking spot?

*chef’s kiss*

Hitting all green lights on Route 1 - U/SK10504

I would argue this has never actually been done, but maybe that just proves how great it would be.

Townsquare Media photo illustration (Canva file)
Townsquare Media photo illustration (Canva file)

Choosing the right Car vs Truck turnpike lane and just cruising by the other one while it's backed up - U/HeyItsPanda69

There’s an undeserved yet understandable smugness that comes with happening to choose the right lane, we’ve all been there.

When your flight out of Newark leaves on time - U/TimSPC

I’ll believe it when I see it, but boy, it would be great.

United Airlines-Newark

Getting the last everything bagel from the shop with no line

This was submitted by someone with a username I don’t think my bosses would enjoy being included in this post, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Lines at Jersey bagel shops can be brutal, so to avoid them while still getting a perfect bagel? That’s the dream.

Driving home to the shore in the summer and no traffic - U/coach673

Can you imagine?


Finding a new Pizza place where the guy making pizza looks like he wants to snap your neck. You know it's gonna be good Pizza. - U/wessty1984

No one outside of the New York/ New Jersey area would understand how true this is, but you just know this scary man knows the perfect sauce-to-cheese ratio.

No bridge traffic - U/JudahLanz

Not with Chris Christie still around.

Andrew Burton/ getty images
Andrew Burton/ getty images

When the beach taggers go home early so you don't have to pay. - U/oodja

A New Jerseyan can dream…

NJ Transit being on time - U/bunholiothethird

I haven’t looked into it, but I’m pretty sure you have a higher chance of winning the Powerball.

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