These celebrities were born, raised, and graduated in South Jersey. While you may be aware of a few, some may come as a surprise!

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As the Class of 2020 takes its place in the annals of South Jersey history, we're highlighting some of our areas most famous grads. It's always so cool when one of South Jersey's own MAKE IT in Hollywood or on another part of the world stage. It makes us proud! Like one of us made a big outrageous dream of being famous come true, it actually happened.

From actor Bruce Willis to talk show host Kelly Ripa to wrestling beast King Kong Bundy, we're taking a look at some of the most notable high school alum from South Jersey.

9 Notable High School Alum from South Jersey

Did you go to high school with any of the celebrities featured in our photo gallery? We'd love to hear your stories in the comment box below.

And, what about the Class of 2020? Is there a fellow classmate you think might be bound to follow in these celebrities footsteps? Shout them out!

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