Now, this would give me a reason to be extremely cautious and to be on the lookout when going for a swim in the ocean.

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A gigantic great white shark named Freya was recently pinged off the coast of Atlantic City according to 6 ABC. Freya is a big girl weighing close to 900 pounds and 11 feet long.

Freya was tacked off the AC coast last weekend as she made her way up north. She was recently pinged off the coast of Rhode Island on Tuesday.

Sharks usually head north to migrate at this team of the year as there is no need to be overly cautious or panic but, it's a good idea to stay alert.

Chris Fisher who is the of OCEARCH tells 6 ABC,

"If you walk out to the beach and the birds are crashing on bait, and game fish are crashing on bait - if there's seals on top of that - then you might have a larger predator coming in to balance that system," said Fischer.

I still can't get the movie Jaws out of my head especially when I hear about a shark sighting so close to home and so close to the beach where I swim. Luckily the ocean is still on the chilly side at this time of the year!


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