If you're like me, every once and a while you get the urge to stop what you are doing and head out on a little adventure.

It can be a lot of fun either going out for a relaxing drive or even something more adventurous... say, a quick jaunt through the Pine Barrens or something.

For reasons unknown, someone driving Cadillac decided to see where a dirt road in Wharton State Forest would go. Before finding out the answer to that question, a large puddle got in the way.

And the puddle won.

A Facebook post by the Indian Mills Volunteer Fire Company in Shamong explained the scene this way...

The fire department also shared this helpful tip,

A word of caution: If you are going to travel the roads in the Wharton State Forest it would be prudent to make sure that your vehicle is equipped to handle the many water holes you are likely to come across. If this happens under colder conditions, deeper in the Forest where cell phone reception is questionable, the outcome may be a bit different then it was for the two people involved here.

If you do head into the Pine Barrens, keep in mind that any puddle that you encounter could be really deep -- a lot deeper than (a) you think it is and (b) deeper than your car can handle.

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