This veteran proves the accuracy of the phrase "age is just a number".

At 97-years-old, Veteran paratrooper Thomas Rice returned to Normandy to once again make the same jump he made 75 years ago that led to a change in the world as he knew it. On D-Day, June 6, 1944, his unit's mission was "simple": to push the German forces as far away from the front line of invasion as possible. The goal was to allow the Allies to land on the beaches without the Germans being able to call in reinforcements.

This time, Rice's jumping experience was slightly different. When asked how it went, he replied with the obvious observation that no one was shooting at him this time. CBS shared the video:

What an incredible story about an unforgettable moment in our nation's history. The WW2 veterans are all now in their 90s, so it's important that we as a society absorb every bit of information, every story, and every memory they have of one of the craziest periods of American history.

Source: Youtube

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