We've all heard of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and Captain America, but Jelloman?

By day, Paul Vile is a mild-mannered bricklayer who starts his day before the sun comes up.  It's a demanding job.  A job that he works for 12 hours a day.

It's no wonder he sought a way to blow off steam.  What better way to do that than to celebrate his favorite team's success with thousands of like-minded fans?

Some people are face painters, painting their faces in team colors to "support the team." Others buy team apparel, from jerseys to hats and more.  Still, others, hang banners and flags from their homes and vehicles.

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Paul Vile dons his official Eagles ski cap.  There's nothing unusual about that.  However, Paul has taken on an alter ego that's come to be known as Jelloman.  He's become an Eagles mascot of sorts.

You see, Paul celebrated with thousands of other Eagles fans for the Broad Street celebration of the Eagles Championship advancement.  And who is usually the most popular person at the party?  The person who pours the shots, of course.

Paul arrived on the scene and started slinging Jello shots into the adoring crowd.  The scene was captured on video, and Jelloman became a legend.

Ok, so maybe I've colored this story a bit.  Paul Vile has made a name for himself as Jelloman, appearing at various music events and festivals.  He's become so well known, that several years ago, there was talk of a documentary being done about his life.  There was even a Kickstarter account created to help fund the project.  To date, I haven't been able to find an update on the project.

This week, Jelloman is busy making 4,000 Jello shots.  His services are in demand, and he'll be traveling the area, making paid appearances and slinging his Jello shots to adoring Philly Phans.

Philadelphia Inquirer via YouTube
Philadelphia Inquirer via YouTube

Sources: BillyPenn.com, Kickstarter.com

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