Getting stuck on the side of the road in a hot car is not on anyone's bucket list. We can get our car ready for the road with a little advanced preparation.  Here are some ideas to have a safe and enjoyable summer road trip
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    Check Your Air Conditioning

    Without air conditioning, a summer drive can feel like a sauna. To check if your AC is running fine, take a trip to the grocery store with it running the whole time. If the AC feels fine, then you’re all set. If at any point the cooling feels a little warm, take it to the mechanic and get it repaired.

  • 2

    Bring an Emergency Supply Kit

    An emergency supply kit is a necessity when traveling. A kit with first aid supplies, some non-perishable snacks, bottles of water, and some paper towels will suffice. These will go a long way especially if someone forgets to bring their water.

  • 3

    Check Your Windshield Wipers

    Many people wait to replace their wipers when they aren't effective anymore. This can cause unnecessary damage to your windshield and reduce visibility while driving.  Don't wait until you are caught in a storm to find out if they are not working. Wipers should be replaced every year. Check them in advance.

  • 4

    Check Tire Pressure

    Heat causes expansion, so your tires may expand during the summer heat. This might lead to a popped tire and your road trip being canceled. Check tire pressure before you leave. If it is a little high don’t be afraid to let a little bit out.

  • 5

    Seek Shade

    Your car gets hot if it’s left in the sun, potentially leading to heat damage. To prevent this, park in the shade. If you have a driveway with no shade, there are ways to create some. Set up a beach umbrella, cover your car in a tarp, or put a sun blocker in the windshield.

  • 6

    Change Your Oil

    Changing your oil helps keep your oil free of debris that can clog the system, decreasing the life of your engine.  An oil change can also help your car run more efficiently and smoothly. This can also help you save on gas.

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