Believe it or not, the southern-most parts of the Garden State are pretty spooky.

South Jersey's no stranger to tales of ghosts lurking in many of the homes in Cape May. Also, you can't forget about all those Bigfoot sightings in Millville. Now, you can even add alleged mountain lion sightings to the mix. Wouldn't you be spooked if you thought you saw a mountain lion? Don't lie.... you know you would.

Still, all of these pale in comparison to the stories of South Jersey's most creepy cryptid, the legendary Jersey Devil. If you grew up in New Jersey, then you already know the story. For those who didn't, here's a quick summary.

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A woman called Mother Leeds had 12 children. When she became pregnant with the 13th child, she cursed it while giving birth saying "Let this child be the devil!" After the child was born, it transformed into the infamous "Jersey Devil" that we all hear stories about today. He has been said to be terrorizing people in and around the Pine Barrens since 1735.

We haven't heard much from Jersey most notorious monster since the early 1900s. Sure, there have been intermittent sightings here and there, but nothing like the week during January 1909 when the Jersey Devil was spotted hundreds of times.

Jersey Devil

If you've always wanted to go on the hunt for the Jersey Devil, now's your chance! Join Tony DiGerolamo, author of "The Pineys," at Blue Rascal Distillery in Hammonton for a discussion about South Jersey's most famous piece of folklore. You'll also learn how to track him down, should you be so daring!

The event will be on January 29th at Blue Rascal Distillery. No tickets are required but you're encouraged to purchase a drink.

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