Summer is right around the corner! Are you excited?

Anybody who calls South Jersey home usually gets butterflies in their bellies around this time of year because it's so fun to see all of our favorite seasonal spots begin preparations to reopen for the upcoming season.

That's how you know summer's not too far off. Once your favorite restaurants, boutiques, and ice cream shops all start opening their doors again, you know it's only a matter of weeks before the best season here in South Jersey is finally back! Folks in the shore towns especially get excited when the boardwalk shops start opening up again.

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It's soooo annoying to have to wait months and months for your favorite restaurants to start serving patrons again. That's especially true in the Wildwoods. There are PLENTY of places that only open during the summer months. It's always a bit depressing when they shut their doors for the season. When they begin to open back up, however, that's when the excitement sets in for summer to come!

This one's for all of you who LOVE your Wildwood pizza. Probably the most legendary pizza shop in the Wildwoods is Mack's Pizza. They have a few locations, but the most popular has GOT to be their boardwalk one right off of Wildwood Ave.

That location was spotted getting ready for the season. They shared a picture to their Facebook page of the cover coming off of the nostalgic "Macks" sign that hangs right above the store's entrance. Fans of Mack's Pizza won't have to wait much longer since opening weekend for the 2023 season kicks off on March 31st!

Get a glimpse of the progress below:

Source: Facebook

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