People LOOOOOVE to hate on New Jersey. For whatever reason, the rest of the country hates us. While that's just my opinion, there's also a lot of truth to that statement. Let's be real, they call us 'The Armpit of the US', so am I really that off-base here? Nah, not really.

I get it. We have a bunch of people packed into a super tiny state. It's cramped and it's smelly in certain parts. That's all true. Here in South Jersey, though, the worst smell we have to worry about is the bay on a hot and swampy summer day. Truth be told, as the summer starts to show its face again, that smell is a glorious reminder of the wonderful and warm beach days ahead.

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So, about this list. It's a list compiled by that ranks the nastiest states in the United States based on landfills, air quality, and illness. They gathered their information from reputable sources and based New Jersey's rating on our dirty air thanks to all the commuting many residents do, the number of landfills we have in the state, as well as how easily sicknesses and diseases spread. Based on the state's COVID-19 numbers, you really can't argue with them on that point.

Where exactly does New Jersey rank on the list? Surprisingly enough, we're not the worst! That's a win for us, right? Since everyone seems to relish putting Jersey down ALL THE TIME....

New Jersey ranks as the 6th grossest state in the country based solely on the three factors previously mentioned above. Now, before you get as angry as I did before reading the survey thoroughly, it does give credit where credit's due. The survey does remind you to keep in mind that even though a state might have ranked low based on these particular factors, that doesn't mean that there's nothing good within it. Think about South Jersey, we're what makes NJ shine. South Jersey's a delight, in my opinion.

Check out the survey for yourself HERE.


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