One of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in is when you come out from the grocery store and your car won't stop. I don't know about you, but when my check-engine light flashes on my dashboard, the first thing I do is panic.

It's always convenient when you have a mechanic in the family. The problem is, these days, most people just take their cars into the dealership when they need work done. The thing is, though, some just don't want to pay dealership prices for a job that any well-trained and respectable mechanic can do. Can't argue with that logic, right?

So, where should you take your car if you're new to the area and have no mechanic loyalty yet? This is yet another question that's been answered by your fellow Mays Landing neighbors on Facebook.

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According to the comments, there are only two places you should even think about taking your car if you're in the Mays Landing area. The first one is Kneble's. Kneble's Auto Service Center is located right on Somers Point Road near Freddy J's and The Inn at Sugar Hill. If you're looking for loyalty, people SWEAR by that place. Plenty of people in the comments say that since their parents only took their car to Kneble's, that's their go-to mechanic now as well.

The other mechanic that people couldn't stop raving about is Ed's Auto on Cape May Avenue. With 4.5 stars on Google, it's no wonder people can't stop singing Ed's praises. People call their work solid and their prices fair.

Guess that means the town's lucky that they have two really decent places to choose from, huh?

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Source: Facebook

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