You might see some new faces wandering around the Glassboro campus of Rowan University in the next few months.

The news broke yesterday about the activation of a new therapy dog program coming this fall to Rowan University. The man responsible, the Courier Post reports, is the CEO of J&J Snack Foods, Gerald Shreiber.

If you've never heard of him, you've definitely heard of his products. J&J Snack Foods distributes Icee products and SuperPretzels. You know, the frozen pretzels in the black boxes? Is there a more perfect snack combo in existence? An Icee and a soft pretzel go hand-in-hand, don't they?

Back to the important news; Shreiber granted Rowan University with $300k to launch a therapy dog program for the students saying that he can think of no better way to enhance their educational experience.

As far as we know, Rowan will be the first university in South Jersey with this type of program. The Courier Post reveals that with the grant money, a full-time team will be hired to run the program.

Some pretty cool stuff!

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