This past weekend I noticed more than the usual number of occasional stink bugs around the doors of my house and car. That's about the time I noticed an article about these nasty critters. Their official name is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug and they started appearing here over a decade ago from East Asia. All those cargo ships filled with cheap goods from China had to have some hitchhikers. Their more of a threat to farmers than to the average homeowner, and although they have piercing, sucking mouth parts, they're not interested in you. They don't bite humans but can reek havoc on your vegetable garden, farm crops and certain trees.

There's no need to panic if you find them in your house. That's where they're looking to hunker down for the winter months ahead right about now. Make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly, and you might want to try a barrier type insecticide inside and outside of the perimeter of your home. I've caught and crushed these things in a paper towel many times and have not noticed their infamous odor. However if your dog or cat decide to play with one, they tend to emit their nasty odor as a defense mechanism. I've never smelled it but our listeners all gave varying descriptions of the nasty smell.

  • Damp or musty chestnuts
  • Industrial chemical smell
  • Stinky boots
  • Cilantro
  • Foul flatulence
  • Paint
  • Mix of burnt rubber and skunk

None of these sound as good as a pumpkin spice candle on a crisp fall day, so take precautions and don't let these flying, farty, malodorous menaces settle into your home this season. Call a pest control professional is you see more than a few. Since they came here uninvited from foreign countries maybe 'Givenor' Murphy can make them eligible for drivers licenses and they can drive up to New York!

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