Absecon, New Jersey:

*Located in the eastern part of Atlantic County.

*Population, according to the US Census: 9,136.

*Median Household Income: $65,194

According to AbseconNJ.gov, Absecon is home to parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities, a boat ramp, a Field of Dreams, and much more.


Definition: According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: " relating to, having, or appealing to unconventional tastes especially in sex."

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In a rather shocking article, it's revealed that a study has determined that this small city is the "Kinkiest City in New Jersey."

Say what?

According to Roadsnacks.com, Absecon is purchasing "the most ‘kinky’ stuff online."

So, exactly, how did they determine this information? Here it is:

"In order to rank the how kinky a city is, we simply had to see which cities in New Jersey purchased the most sex toys from online erotic adult toy and novelty powerhouse Adam & Eve. It’s pretty easy to figure it out, actually, when you know where people are buying adult toys.

We calculated all the data on a per capita basis, meaning these are orders on a per-person basis, not a raw number of total $’s spent or number of orders. That keeps us from ranking the largest cities at the top since they have the most people."

And here you thought your purchases were anonymous!

According to the study, the good people of Absecon have placed 5.77 orders per 1,000 people. That apparently is tops in the state.

Breaking down the numbers though, since Absecon only has a little more than 9,000 residents, that's "only" a total of about 52 people making purchases.

So, 52 people have ruined it for everyone!

(If you're looking for these 52 people, they may be the ones walking around with a smile on their face! ---- Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

Instead of looking at this as a negative, let's just say, "Cheers to you, people of Absecon!"

By the way, the rest of the Top 10 Kinkiest Cities in New Jersey has a varied list, It includes the cities of Burlington, Newark, Freehold, Raritan, Audubon, Oakland, Camden, Harrison, and Woodbury.

If, reading the list, you saw one particular city and thought, "That figures", we salute you!

SOURCE: Roadsnacks.com

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