I can't believe this is the last Hallmark in Ocean County and we have to say, "good-bye" to it.

Makes me sad, I love the Hallmark Store. There are a several of them left in New Jersey, but this one was so close to me.

Kivoc, Getty Images
Kivoc, Getty Images

There were so many unique gifts. Every year I would get a Hallmark Christmas Ornament. It has to be a Hallmark ornament, it's just not the same if it's not.

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It was always a store of the cutest, unique gifts, but we can't for get about the cards. My Mom's generation, cards are all they had. I remember Mom spending hours in the Hallmark card store for hours, picking out all those beautiful cards. It was their greetings, no texts, no emails, just cards.

There are Hallmark stores in Monmouth County. Freehold, Howell, West Long Branch, and other locations at the Jersey Shore. This store in Lacey Township in Forked River is the only one left in Ocean County. Sad to see, I'm going to miss it. The owners were always so nice and very good customer service.

The news came this past weekend, that starting January 2nd, 2023 will be the start of 50% off of everything because of a retirement. From their Facebook page:

After 27 years, amazing, Diana and David are retiring. Thank you guys for the memories and the ornaments I treasure.

I guess I'll have to travel a little further for my annual Christmas ornament.

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