"These snowflakes are lookin' real thhhick!"

If you've ever been at work while it's snowing in New Jersey, there's no way this isn't familiar to you. Because we all know that ONE co-worker who keeps "casually" remarking at how badly the snow is comin' down. Is she trying to indirectly send a hint that the boss should let everyone go home early? The answer is yes. And she's a hero for it.

Credit: TikTok @houseofthehashtags
Credit: TikTok @houseofthehashtags
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Following the snowfall earlier this week in Central and North Jersey, TikTok user @houseofthehastags posted a video hilariously impersonating that one co-worker who's eager to go home when it's snowing. Her caption reads "Once thing ya girl is gunna do is try to go home when it’s snowing out." And she is SPOT ON.

"It's really comin' down!"

"Is it stickin'??"

"Lookit the traffic on 18, it's already backen up."

Credit: TikTok @houseofthehashtags
Credit: TikTok @houseofthehashtags

Her hilarious video has over 500,000 views and 90,000 likes on TikTok.

Check out the whole thing down below!

The comments are gold too:

"Idk how to explain it but I’ve known this lady 20 different times in my life."

"And she's on her way to ShopRite to buy all the cases of water and Italian bread...wit da seeds."

"And no work was done that day hahaha."

Of course, since we didn't much snow this winter, you probably didn't hear much of this this winter season. But you can count on this co-worker to finesse a day off for just about anything else!

She is us and we are her.

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