Uh-oh. That's not something this region wanted to hear. However, unfortunately, it's not that hard to believe.

Philly, Jersey, listen up. We've got to take several seats. According to a new study published by Bionic, both Pennsylvania AND New Jersey make the list of top 20 states with the most "Karens" within the United States. That is not a list you want to make...

If you're a boomer and are unfamiliar with the term "Karen", know that it doesn't describe just one person. 'Karen' isn't just a first name anymore. It was a name that's been assigned to a whole specific personality type. To put it simply, a "Karen" is anyone who thinks they know best. A "Karen" is a know-it-all who always wants something his or her own way. Yes, men can be "Karens" too. Also, if you're a Karen, you don't really care if you're wrong. It's your way or the highway and nobody else's opinion or thought process matters. Basically, a "Karen" is anyone who is blatantly ignorant and doesn't care to educate themselves. The entitlement is real and it's not going anywhere regardless of the knowledge he or she may acquire about a specific subject.

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New Jersey comes in at the 15th spot on the list. At least we're not number one, so we don't have the most "Karens" in the country, but coming in at number 15 means that people are more entitled than most here in the state. Either that, or we're just not afraid of confrontation and aren't afraid to express ourselves. Whichever way you'd feel more comfortable interpreting the results, here they are.

Now, Jersey may have taken the 15th spot, but Philly... your state is worse. As it turns out, Pennsylvania actually makes it into the top 5 states with the most "Karens" in the country. Yup. PA, you're number 5. So, that means you have even more "Karens" in PA than Jersey does.

If these findings don't make you cringe, than that's exactly why NJ and PA have arrived at their spots on the list to begin with. So, how do you curb the Karen-like mentality and behavior? Show a little compassion, empathy, and a desire for knowledge. If you encounter a Karen, the best thing to do is keep your cool. If you don't get emotional, the situation most likely won't escalate. For those of us here in Jersey, that's pretty hard considering we're all pretty high-strung.

Read the study HERE.

Source: Bionic.co.uk

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