If there was going to be someone to break the news that J.T. Realmuto signs a new deal, it would be Craig Mish.  Mish, a long-time reporter covering the Miami Marlins, seemed to have much of the Realmuto news over the years first.   Tuesday afternoon, it was Mish who reported that the Philadelphia Phillies signed a five-year contract with the Phillies.

The move gives Realmuto a record for the highest average annual value for a catcher.

Realmuto will average $23.1 million a season, which bests Joe Mauer's $23.0 million average annual contract amount that he signed with the Minnesota Twins.  It may be a small token move, but it seemed to do the trick.

The Phillies will continue to look for a shortstop and pitching in the time before pitchers and catchers (at least for now) are to report to Clearwater on February 17.

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